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George W Bush 20020212_8_

Description: George Bush Announces Drug Control Strategy Date: 2/12/2002 Length: 18.28 minutes Political Video Link: Link:

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Reviewer: mcdougle - - December 30, 2009
Subject: God Bless former PresidentBush
George Bush was a great president. He has the moral values our country needs to live and be governed by. He stood firm on what he said.
Reviewer: farber2 - - October 16, 2008
Subject: bush is a terrorist
garbage ass hole.
Reviewer: toefinder - - June 30, 2008
Subject: unmitigated success
Thanks to the "Patriot Act" Espionage agencies work domestically around the clock to keep us safe. They have tharted the terrorists and prevented recurrences of major acts against American such as occurred on 9/11.

An additional benefit of this act is that we can now go after drug kingpins and money laundering banks that finance the drug trade domestically. As a result we see major drug wholesalers and financiers dropping like flies. It's time to celebrate our major victory against these purveyors of poison.

I, for one, hail Bush for ending the drug crisis in America. You cannot find a drug wholesaler or financier anywhere in America. (at least the FBI can't) Otherwise they would be found and convicted in our fair and equitable courts.

The only remaining law breakers are a few 100,000 poor users that just seem to stumble across some excess dope from a by-gone era.

Congrats Mr. President for a job well done
Reviewer: Telephone Toughguy - - June 7, 2007
Subject: Alsalafvideos, FUCK YOU

Bush is a retard, but he's our retard!
Reviewer: Alsalafvideos - - June 7, 2007
Subject: mmmmmmm
Fuck him